specialist design, installation
& maintenance

Our Services

Whether you need specialist design, installation or maintenance, we offer you a full range of services to create the ideal flooring for your needs – and keep it in tip-top condition.

Specification & Technical Advice

We can help you turn the most imaginative flooring ideas into reality, thanks to the rich knowledge of our experts. If you need advice on technical specifications, help with choosing materials that are both attractive and durable, or simply want to run your ideas past us, we can bring decades of experience to ensure your flooring project has the best possible design and application, independent of any manufacturers.

Supply and installation

To supply your flooring materials, we always deal directly with manufacturers to make the process as quick and economical as possible. We have strong relationships with the makers of all kinds of flooring, meaning you are never restricted by choice.

We are also painstaking when it comes to installing your flooring, ensuring the work is done to the highest possible standard and that any problems are solved as they arise. Particularly important for major fit-out projects, we work flexibly. As certified Prince 2 and Agile Practitioners, we can fit flooring in short timescales – ensuring you deliver on time and on budget.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you want to keep your flooring looking its best, our cleaning and maintenance services are ideal. We use the most effective products for each surface, independent of any manufacturer. Better still, we can keep your floors in excellent condition with minimum disruption, working out of office hours or at weekends.

Did you know?

Our specialist furniture lift technology means we can install and clean carpets without removing desks or electrical equipment – meaning no disruption, no downtime and no lost productivity.